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Crucifijo Manto Sagrado

Sacred Mantle Crucifix Necklace

$749.95 USD

Crucifix of Jesus, (42mm by 32mm,) crafted in Agate Cameo and 925 silver with 18-karat gold plating, featuring the sacred mantle on the reverse side, with a 30-inch chain adjustable to any size.

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Crucifijo Manto Sagrado
Medalla Milagrosa

Emperatriz Miraculous Mary Medallion

$449.95 USD

Signature Medallion measuring 18 mm in length and 25 mm in height with a cameo made of natural agate, reproducing the image of the Miraculous Mary and crafted with 925 silver with an 18-karat gold plating and 6 zirconias.

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    "Let there be light, and there was light" (Genesis 1:3)

    "Through crystalline agate, light penetrates so that Our Lady of Guadalupe, crowned and illuminated, evokes her divine nature, exalting the clarity of the soul, spirit, and mind."


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Historia de nuestra medalla

Con el fin de conmemorar las coronaciones de 1895 y de 1945 a la Virgen de Guadalupe como Reina de las Américas, el reconocido joyero Frank Ronay, nieto y homónimo del diseñador y fabricante de la corona original de 1945 y haciendo honor a más de 100 años de tradición familiar en el oficio de la joyería, ha tomado la iniciativa de crear una medalla que recuerde las fechas mencionadas.

History of Our Medallions

In order to commemorate the coronations of 1895 and 1945 of the Virgin of Guadalupe as Queen of the Americas, the renowned jeweler Frank Ronay, grandson and namesake of the designer and manufacturer of the original 1945 crown, and honoring more than 100 years of family tradition in the jewelry trade, has taken the initiative to create a medal that commemorates these dates.

With great dedication, Frank Ronay has designed a cameo made of natural agate, reproducing the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe surrounded by a halo of flowers. The result of these creative efforts is a beautiful necklace made of 925 silver with 18-karat gold plating that, when exposed to direct light, reflects Our Lady of Guadalupe crowned.

This piece is the result of six generations of the Ronay family in the art of jewelry and seeks to remember and celebrate the historic moment of the coronation of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1945.


Men gathered at the basilica in Mexico City around the gold crown made by Frank Ronay in honor of the virgin of guadalupe


The new crown, commissioned by the Mexican episcopate and clergy on behalf of the Catholic people of Mexico, and offered to the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12, 1945, is a true work of art.

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Stunning portrait of the virgin of guadalupe mantle


The Guadalupan message has its origin in a prodigious image that became a fundamental basis for the earthly and celestial bond. It all began when Juan Diego, a poor indigenous m

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Frank Ronay working from his jewelers bench in Mexico City


Among the members of the Ronay family, originally from Budapest, several were recognized as the preferred jewelers of the court of Emperor Franz Joseph, head of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until World War I.

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    Inspired by the kindness embodied by the Virgin of Guadalupe to the peoples of the Americas, a significant portion of the sales from this medal will be donated to charitable institutions dedicated to the care and protection of orphaned children.


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